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Outdoor activities

At Wildsided we offer a limited number of unique outdoor adventures for individuals and groups during summer and winter seasons. Here you can find advanced winter expeditions as well as inspiring day tours.


We execute our advanced tours in expedition style; self-supported and preferably off the beaten track. Our tours are normally run as three to four day expeditions - a format providing a condensed experience. We know that it can be complicated to be away from other engagements for as long as a week or more.


We also offer unique day tour and activities where you can be part of an exciting outdoor adventure and still be back in civilisation in time for dinner. We tailor activities and trips for large and small groups and we can cater for all your equipment needs.


Regardless of tour, we consciously select areas in the region that few people visit. It gives us the opportunity to offer you an exciting, unique and strong experience in close connection to the mountains and the vast wilderness.


We put great pride into developing our participants' outdoor skills and make sure that learning is an integral part of the experience. All our participants contribute to the task during the tour. We believe that this leads to a richer experience and a more motivated and welded group.


We operate out of Åre mountain town, not only because of its proximity to the Jämtland mountain range, but equally for smooth communications and solid infrastructure that make it easy and efficient to get in to the wild. If you get off the night train in the morning in Åre, we will enjoy our lunch in the mountains.

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