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Leadership and group development

Traditionally the outdoors was used to train and toughen young people into the role as leaders.


Instead, Wildsided brings experienced leaders into to the outdoors to relearn a more creative and dynamic approach to the challenges they face. Choosing your attitude in tough situations, trusting each other and maintaining power of initiative are vital parts of a modern leadership that we train hands on. 


We build our programs in collaboration with the leadership teams we train. Based on a mission-driven approach and team analysis we build content properly and agree on the right level, physical and mental, for the program.


When creating leadership and group development programs, we collaborate with a number of carefully selected partners. Our team consists of organisational experts, psychologists, military specialists and mountain leaders as well as inspirational lecturers, high-performing adventurers and specialists in activities such as climbing, ski touring and survival skills.


We believe in leaving the comfort zone in orderly and safe forms. We also believe that you have to re-enter it; for a sauna, good food and a warm bed.

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